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Noah Scalin // Book release // Sortie de son livre

  Big up to Noah Scalin (I talked about him here), who is about to release a beautiful book showcasing each and every creations of his skull-a-day project. The book … Lire la suite

septembre 26, 2014 · 2 Commentaires

The colours of Esméralda // Les couleurs d’Esméralda

  The Esméralda series got wider in the last few days with three new canvas full of colours! Pink, Yellow, Blue, choose the one you like. In any case, you’ll … Lire la suite

juillet 29, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Eno Henze // Teach a machine to draw like a human // Apprendre à une machine à dessiner comme un être humain

And what if IT came uninvited into art? And so what? Didn’t Andy Warhol create one of the first computer assisted work of art (yep, yep believe me, I’ll get … Lire la suite

mai 26, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Florent Chopin // Sweet cacophony // Douce cacophonie

    Do you like recycling, objects that art diverted from their initial use, vintage trend? Perhaps do you even chill out on Sundays in your local secondhand shop? Well, … Lire la suite

avril 17, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Heather Hansen // The drawdancer // La dansineuse

And here we are, back on track after a two-week well deserved holiday (yep yep, with a 5 months old at home, holiday is always well deserved). So Today’s Artist … Lire la suite

mars 4, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Noah Scalin // a skull a day // un crâne par jour

Here we go today with Noah Scalin, who I discovered thanks to a fellow blogger Modern Hieroglyphics (have a look at his site, he’s got great interviews). Noah Scalin is … Lire la suite

février 5, 2014 · 4 Commentaires

Peter Beard // dual personality? // double personnalité?

Peter Beard is quite a surprising character. He was born and bred in the US, and proudly graduated from Yale. But when he was 23, he met Karen Blixen the … Lire la suite

janvier 31, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

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