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5 things to know about Lisbon Street Art // 5 choses à savoir sur le street art de Lisbonne

Need some inspiration for your next week-end escape? Here are the 5 things to know about Lisbon’s street art. 1/ Crisis creates art – Since the 2008 crisis, people left … Lire la suite

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Tigran Tsitoghdzyan // Mirror // Miroir

Ok his name is quite unpronounceable but Tigran Tsitoghdzyan is a phenomenon. He was discovered by art critic Henrik Iguitian when he was… 5 year old. A child prodigy, a Mozart … Lire la suite

septembre 29, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Mitch Gobel // Wildlife Conservatory Painter // Peintre Protecteur de la Nature

Because I have less and less time, and to make sure that I keep on (re)discovering artists, I’ll have to change a little bit the content of my posts. From now … Lire la suite

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CJ Hendry // She draws big time! // Elle dessine en grand!

Now be prepared, the strory and the work of this artist are totally amazing. She is the actual proof of the power of social networks. They can within a few … Lire la suite

août 22, 2014 · 3 Commentaires

Emily Jeffords // Abstract Landcapes // Paysages Abstraits

The artist that I’d like you to (re)discover today is an absolute personal inspiration. Today’s Artist is Emily Jeffords, a full time artist and Mum of two adorable future painters … Lire la suite

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Jeff Koons // Art, Sex and Balloons // De l’Art, du Sexe et des Ballons

  Do you know what the Cicciolina, the Château de Versailles and H&M have in common? Nope, no idea? He was married to the Cicciolina, he exhibited at the Château … Lire la suite

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Artist News / Actualité des Artistes / Musée Soulages

All right, so we keep going on our artist news with Pierre Soulages (if you want to read again the post I wrote about this amazing man, it’s here) who … Lire la suite

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Michael Muir // The man whose painting comes from a child mind // L’homme dont la peinture sort de l’imaginaire d’un enfant

  The artist I would like to help you (re)discover today is a Scottish man who can surf. Well, the fact that he moved to Australia when aged 6 might … Lire la suite

juin 4, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Artist News / Actualité des Artistes / Fabienne Verdier

  What could be better than (re)discovering fabulous contemporary artists on the blog? See their work in reality! I’m happy to introduce a new section to the blog in which … Lire la suite

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Miaz Brothers // Imaginary Portraits // Portraits Imaginaires

Today it is not one but two artists that I suggest you (re)discover, Today’s Artist are the Miaz Brothers. It’s not hard to get that these two don’t go the … Lire la suite

mai 20, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Maya Hayuk // Intricate colours // Couleurs entrelacées

  It might be because of the sun coming back, but lately I’ve been craving for colours. I want bright, flashy, fluo, I want revitalizing colours. Nothing is better than … Lire la suite

mai 6, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Niki de Saint Phalle // Shotgun painting // Peinture au fusil

Today’s Artist is a French-American who is well known by Parisian people as her statues stand right in the middle of the capital city. Today’s Artist is Niki de Saint … Lire la suite

avril 22, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Barbara Kitallides // A violent softness // Une douceur violente

Let’s celebrate Spring (yes where I’m writting from it is the beginning of Spring), I suggest you (re)discover the colourful work of a painter coming right from Down Under (even … Lire la suite

mars 25, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

When an artist stands for Syria // Quand un artiste soutient la Syrie

He was featured in one of Today’s Artist very first posts and I would like to give him a big up: Banksy has revisited one of his most famous artwork to … Lire la suite

mars 15, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Gerhard Richter // Painting or photography? // Peinture ou photo?

Today’s Artist is nothing less than the most expensive living painter in the world (Oct 2012), please (re)discover Gerhard Richter. Extremely famous in Germany – his homeland – he is … Lire la suite

mars 11, 2014 · 1 commentaire

Heather Hansen // The drawdancer // La dansineuse

And here we are, back on track after a two-week well deserved holiday (yep yep, with a 5 months old at home, holiday is always well deserved). So Today’s Artist … Lire la suite

mars 4, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Heide Trepanier // the feminine paintings // la peinture au féminin

   Today’s Artist is Heide Trepanier, a mother, artist and teacher as she describes herself. Her painting seems very feminine to me – colourful, curvy, delicate. With the shine of enamel … Lire la suite

février 12, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

JonOne // when street art meets galleries // quand le street art entre dans les galeries

So here we go, Today’s Artist is JonOne. Those of you who live in Paris might have seen his work at the TAG exhibition in the Grand Palais (that’s on my point of view the … Lire la suite

février 10, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Bernard Frize // the candy-like paintings // les peintures bonbons

Today’s Artist is Bernard Frize, a French painter who lives in between Paris and Berlin and whose artworks are exhibited all around the globe. Bernard Frize has a singular approach … Lire la suite

février 7, 2014 · 1 commentaire

Basquiat // the man who wanted to be a star // l’homme qui voulait être one star

All right so Today’s Artist is one of my scrunchies, a genius who loved drugs too much and who really really wanted to be famous – Jean-Michel Basquiat. He could … Lire la suite

février 6, 2014 · 3 Commentaires

Jackson Pollock // dripping and pouring all over // ça goutte, ça tache

All right so Today’s Artist is Jackson Pollock, the master of abstract expressionism. Despite a very chaotic education, he ended up being one of the most famous painters of his … Lire la suite

février 4, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Banksy // the street art is not for sale // le street art nest pas à vendre

What I like about street art is the love of its artists for subversive actions and their lack of interest for fine art galleries (uuuh how that must upset galleries…). Banksy … Lire la suite

janvier 30, 2014 · 1 commentaire

Pierre Soulages // black is black // noir c’est noir

You probably already know Pierre Soulages, if not this post is for you. Pierre Soulages is THE painter of the colour black. Since the 80’s, pretty much all of his … Lire la suite

janvier 29, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Fabienne Verdier // floating between East and West // entre Orient et Occident

Fabienne Verdier is probably one of the biggest French contemporary painters. If I was to describe her artwork, I would say that she paints black ink calligraphy like shapes on deep … Lire la suite

janvier 28, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Anya Brock // the Colour Guru // le Guru de la couleur

So here we go this is the very first post of Today’s Artist. I have the great pleasure to introduce Anya Brock, a young Australian painter with a vibrant colour palette, full … Lire la suite

janvier 27, 2014 · 2 Commentaires

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