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Jeff Koons // Art, Sex and Balloons // De l’Art, du Sexe et des Ballons

  Do you know what the Cicciolina, the Château de Versailles and H&M have in common? Nope, no idea? He was married to the Cicciolina, he exhibited at the Château … Lire la suite

juin 19, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Niki de Saint Phalle // Shotgun painting // Peinture au fusil

Today’s Artist is a French-American who is well known by Parisian people as her statues stand right in the middle of the capital city. Today’s Artist is Niki de Saint … Lire la suite

avril 22, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Nicolas Desbons // Metal lace // Dentelle de métal

    Not just an artist, it’s an artisan that I suggest you (re)discover. Today’s Artist is Nicolas Desbons, he is a craftsman in wrought iron and shapes metal from … Lire la suite

avril 8, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Li Hongbo // The man who makes paper alive // L’homme qui donne vie au papier

Today’s Artist comes straight from China, and it is not just a geographic detail as his art is based on one of Chinese most famous traditions: the paper lantern. Today’s … Lire la suite

mars 19, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

Maryline Pomian // the best way to quit smoking // le meilleur moyen d’arrêter de fumer

You might think of cigarettes as a bad habit, but for Maryline Pomian they are art… She uses their paper to create mysterious and delicate sculptures. Light and immaculate, you’d … Lire la suite

février 3, 2014 · Poster un commentaire

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